Summer office closure 2023

The Creative Good office will be closed from Saturday, July 8 through Sunday, July 23. If there is an urgent issue needing immediate attention (for example, downtime on the Good Todo server), email Otherwise, email us at and we will respond ASAP once the office reopens on Monday, July 24.

Thanks for using Good Todo,
- the Creative Good team

Not achievable

Ever feel anxiety about the endless todo list? A meme expresses it well:

Not achievable

But don’t believe it! With Good Todo, you can achieve productivity and - if you want it - an empty inbox.

Summer office closure and bug fix

The Creative Good office will be closed from Saturday, July 9 through Sunday, July 17. If there is an urgent issue needing immediate attention (for example, downtime on the Good Todo server), email Otherwise, email us at and we will respond ASAP once the office reopens on Monday, July 18.

Also, the reordering bug (described here) has been fixed. Tap-and-hold in the iOS app, and you can reorder comfortably again!

Enjoy the start of July,
- the Creative Good team

App update - two bugs fixed

Good news: we have fixed two of the issues from Bug fixes in progress two days ago.

  • On the web app, the “more options” link now retains whatever text you filled into the New Todo field.

  • In the iOS app, the Redate feature now works normally.

What’s not yet done: in the iOS app, we’re still working on fixing the re-ordering bug (affecting days containing categorized todos). Days without categorized todos can re-order normally.

We will update progress here as we have it. Email us at with any additional bug reports.

As always, thanks for using Good Todo.

Bug fixes in progress

We have bug fixes in progress on both the web app and the iOS app:

On the web app: When you click “more options” next to the New Todo field, any title text you’ve already entered doesn’t get transferred over. We should have this resolved soon.

In the iOS app:

  1. The Redate feature has a new bug introduced in our recent update of the app. Tapping Redate does send the todo to the intended date; however, the app leaves the user in the detail view, rather than back on the list. (One workaround, for now, is to tap the done-checkbox to reveal the Cancel/Save buttons, which will get you back to the list.)

  2. The re-ordering feature (tap-and-hold to reveal it) has a bug on days where there are categorized todos: the re-ordering doesn’t stick when the app syncs.

Sorry for the hassle on these bugs. We hope to have everything resolved soon. Email us at with any additional bug reports.

A few recent updates

We have just launched several new improvements on Good Todo:

  • Color for new categories: When you create a new category, you’ll get to choose an (optional) color for the category. (To create a new category, on any day’s list, click the “manage” link in the right-hand Categories list. Then click “Add Category.”)

  • 7-day listing improvement: The “Show all todos in the next 7 days” feature now shows verbose date listings, which are clickable to that day’s list.7

  • New todos no longer use ‘title’ tag: Some browsers were entering “Mr.” in the title field of new todos, in an erroneous attempt at autocomplete. This was because of the name of the field in the underlying code. We renamed the field, and that fixed it.

  • Lapsed users can update their card: When an account lapses (goes beyond its renewal date without payment), returning users will be presented with a renewal screen that allows them to update their existing card.

Hope you enjoy!

Giant release of new Good Todo features

I’m happy to announce a ton of new features that just launched on Good Todo, all in the web app. Almost all of these came from users’ suggestions - thanks to everyone who wrote in!

Multi-redate feature: On any day’s list, click “Multi-Redate” (it’s in the upper right) to select multiple todos to send to another day.

“Save & Stay”: In any todo’s detail view, you can click the “Save & Stay” link to save the current status of the todo and stay in that view. This is helpful if you’re making lots of edits to a todo and want to save your work, while continuing to make edits.

Color-coding on categories: on any day’s list, click the “manage” link (down the right-hand column, next to “Categories”). Click “Edit” to see the new “Color” field, where you can select a color for the category label.

Improvements to “next 7 days” and “next 30 days” views, in the “Show all todos in…” menu (right-hand column). You’ll notice that the day of the week is now visible (now says “Thu” as well as “Nov 18, 2021”). What’s more, you can drag and drop todos around different days on this page!

VCF files: You can now add lots of common Good Todo addresses to your address book with the VCF files. Find them at the bottom of the Help page. (They’re also listed in Email Settings.)

New pure-black theme, available on the Themes page.

Browser tabs, in a day-view, now show the date at the beginning of the page title, so when you have lots of tabs open you can find the day you want. (In the detail view of a particular todo, the tab starts with the todo title, truncated after 20 or so characters.)

Graceful address correction: If you happen to mistype a Good Todo address, we’ll email you back to let you know that your email didn’t arrive.

“Recurring Email Export” - the new name for what we used to call “Daily Email Export” - has a helpful improvement: You can now choose the frequency of recurring email exports. It doesn’t have to be daily, as it was before. Much like a recurring todo, you can choose your recurring email export to be daily, weekdaily, or on particular days of the week.

I may create videos showing off some of these new features, as the text description doesn’t quite capture how great the experience is. Multi-redate! Save & Stay! Color coding! I’m biased, but I think these make Good Todo even more essential.

Comments/questions? Email me.

Me and my todo list

Katherine Haenschen comments on a photo that may look familiar:

Me and my todo list

When getting started with Good Todo, sometimes the todo list ends up with lots of items! In that case, just click “redate” to move some todos to future days.

Once again, procrastination can be helpful. Moving todos to the future makes today’s list shorter, which gets you out of the hole.

The procrastinating zebra

A wise word from the procrastinating zebra:

Procrastinating zebra

In Good Todo, just click “redate” and move the todo to tomorrow - or if you’re emailing in a todo, send it to - and forget about it for the rest of today.

Procrastination is good: by sending todos to a future day, you can then focus on a shorter list of more important todos today.

On being overwhelmed

“Not getting anything done because I’m too overwhelmed” vs “Being too overwhelmed because I haven’t gotten anything done”:


It’s a familiar feeling. But with Good Todo you can quickly prune your todo list by redating todos to future days, so that you focus on a shorter list of items just for today.