Bug fixes in progress

We have bug fixes in progress on both the web app and the iOS app:

On the web app: When you click “more options” next to the New Todo field, any title text you’ve already entered doesn’t get transferred over. We should have this resolved soon.

In the iOS app:

  1. The Redate feature has a new bug introduced in our recent update of the app. Tapping Redate does send the todo to the intended date; however, the app leaves the user in the detail view, rather than back on the list. (One workaround, for now, is to tap the done-checkbox to reveal the Cancel/Save buttons, which will get you back to the list.)

  2. The re-ordering feature (tap-and-hold to reveal it) has a bug on days where there are categorized todos: the re-ordering doesn’t stick when the app syncs.

Sorry for the hassle on these bugs. We hope to have everything resolved soon. Email us at emailus@creativegood.com with any additional bug reports.