A few recent updates

We have just launched several new improvements on Good Todo:

  • Color for new categories: When you create a new category, you’ll get to choose an (optional) color for the category. (To create a new category, on any day’s list, click the “manage” link in the right-hand Categories list. Then click “Add Category.”)

  • 7-day listing improvement: The “Show all todos in the next 7 days” feature now shows verbose date listings, which are clickable to that day’s list.7

  • New todos no longer use ‘title’ tag: Some browsers were entering “Mr.” in the title field of new todos, in an erroneous attempt at autocomplete. This was because of the name of the field in the underlying code. We renamed the field, and that fixed it.

  • Lapsed users can update their card: When an account lapses (goes beyond its renewal date without payment), returning users will be presented with a renewal screen that allows them to update their existing card.

Hope you enjoy!