OSX Good Todo App With Fluid

Users occasionally ask how to use Good Todo as an app on the OSX (Mac) desktop. It’s easy and we recommend it! You can use the handy FluidApp service to create a Good Todo app that opens our website.

On OSX Mac computers:

  1. Download Fluid, for free, on the FluidApp.com website.

  2. Open the “Fluid_2.1.2.zip” file, and double-click the Fluid app (the one with the globe icon).

  3. In the “Create a Fluid App” popup, fill out the following…

URL: https://goodtodo.com
Name: Good Todo
Location: Desktop
Icon: Use Website Favicon

…then click Create. From now on, just open the Good Todo app on your desktop.

Bonus Tip: You can keep the Good Todo app running at all times, so that you can switch to it - much like you switch to email, or the calendar - with the Command-Tab keystroke.

Bonus Tip 2: Drag the Good Todo app icon into your dock, so you can access it any time with a click!

Questions? Drop a line to emailus@creativegood.com.