Drowning in Lists?

America Is Drowning in Lists, from the WSJ in April, bemoans the multiplicity of platforms (“the list of possible lists is maddening”) and the shortfalls of popular productivity systems.

The article doesn’t mention Good Todo, which is unfortunate, since it helps people avoid those shortfalls.

For example: the article describes the overload people feel from the sheer number of list apps out there: for grocery lists, agenda items, as well as “reward apps,” “punishment apps” (whatever those are), and so on. But Good Todo is flexible enough to be used for multiple purposes. Manage groceries and agenda items in one app!

No need to go back to a pen, paper, and a list with just three items, as the article mentions. Use Good Todo to separate today’s todos - perhaps just three of them! - from those of other days. This way, you can have many todos in the system and still not be overloaded.

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