Email as Secret Weapon

A recent column by Aaron Klein, How I’ve Made Email my Secret Weapon, shows his reliance on email for getting things done.

Emptying his inbox is central: “I get to Inbox Zero anywhere between 1–3x a week,” Klein writes, followed by helpful tips:

  • “Slow the fire hose”: be careful what you subscribe to

  • “Kill the notifications”: turn off unnecessary alerts

  • “Upgrade your tools”: get a to-do app.

And here’s where Klein comes so close to Good Todo! He recommends Asana, he says, because it turns emails into to-do list items: “I can hit forward on an email, change the subject line to ‘call Bill re: contract terms’ and hit send. Bam, it’s on the list, and I can archive that email.” Which of course is what exactly what Good Todo does (and did first, years before Asana launched!).

Klein describes an email-management process very similar to what’s in Bit Literacy, moving emails onto the to-do list - and even using a text expander for quicker typing.

All in all, well worth reading. Just wish Klein had recommended Good Todo!