A New Recurring Option

Based on a user suggestion, we have added a new option for recurring todos: you pick the days.

As shown below, it’s called “Certain days every week (you’ll pick)”.

Certain days each week

Once you choose that option, you’ll see seven checkboxes, one for each day of the week (see below):

Seven days

The recurring todo will then appear on whatever days you’ve checked off, for the duration of the todo (until the end-date, or the number of occurrences, you’ve stated).

For example, if you click the Tuesday and Friday checkboxes, and ask for three occurrences, the todo will appear on the next upcoming Tuesday-Friday-Tuesday, or Friday-Tuesday-Friday (whichever comes first).

To create a recurring todo, use the “Create a recurring todo” link (available via “Add New Todo” or the New Todo field’s “more options” link).