Email making a comeback

For years the tech industry dismissed the idea of email as a productivity tool: too old, they said, and too out-of-step with the new generation of tools.

Until this year.

Email, it seems, is making a comeback:

All of this talk about email was intriguing enough for Mike Butcher, editor-at-large for TechCrunch, to ask: What’s the best “to do” app these days? The comments show a range of tools, including a pointer to Good Todo from Lorenzo Wood (thanks, Lorenzo!).

Good Todo, as the world’s first online todo list when it launched in 2005, has been email-focused from day one. While Good Todo works well as a standalone Web-based (or iOS-based) todo list, it’s especially good - we’d say better than any other service out there - at managing email, from any email service, that you forward into your account.

And it doesn’t run on a Big Tech platform.

-Mark Hurst