The followup superpower and how to use it

A superpower is a special ability that only a few people have, and that can be used in all types of missions. Good followup is a superpower. Not many people have it. But all Good Todo users have access to good followup.

Here are two ways to use the followup superpower - in receiving tasks, and in creating them.

  • When someone says, “How about checking in with me in 2 weeks on that,” you need good followup. Just email - in the Subject line, type “follow up with” and the name of the person - and in the body, write any notes or details about the followup. In two weeks, you’ll see it appear on today’s list!

  • When you email someone else a task you want them to complete, you can BCC a date in the future when you want to follow up with your colleague to make sure they’ve completed the task. For example, when you email your colleague, BCC and in three days, you’ll see the email as a task in today’s list.

Email addresses are flexible! In addition to “d” for days and “w” for weeks, and you can also use “m”… for example, email to email items a month in the future.

We hope you enjoy your followup superpower, using Good Todo!