How to check a todo done

While observing new users of Good Todo, we occasionally see someone hesitate when they’re ready to mark an action item “done.”

How to mark a todo done in Good Todo: two ways.

  1. Click or tap the box to the left of the todo title: an orange check-mark will appear (it’s actually a mini-version of the Good Todo logo), and the todo will pop down to the lower section of the screen, where “done” or completed todos for that day are stored. This works exactly the same across the Good Todo website, iPhone/iPad app, and Android app.

  2. On the website only, you can delete a todo. Go to the todo’s detail view (by clicking its title), then click the red button marked “Delete entirely” in the lower right. This is a permanent deletion with no undo, so we intentionally make it more difficult than clicking the todo done.

Generally, we recommend clicking todos done rather than deleting them. By tomorrow, they no longer show up on today’s list - since completed todos stay in the day on which they were marked done. So getting things done looks good on today’s list (you build up a nice list of checkmarks on the bottom of the screen), and by tomorrow, only the undone todos have rolled over to that day.

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