Watching an Ongoing Issue

Here’s how to use Good Todo to track ongoing issues:

  • Create a todo on today’s list with the name of the issue. For example, call it “Ongoing TPS”.

  • Type in the detail field of a todo. You might start with today’s date: perhaps it would be “2-10-17 TPS is fine”.

  • Don’t check the todo done. Instead, let the todo roll over day-to-day, so it’s always on today’s list.

  • Whenever there’s an update to the todo, type it in the detail field with the new date. For example, a few days later it might look like this:
    2-10-17 TPS is fine
    2-13-17 needs attention

For more on log files and canvas files, and how they can be helpful for ongoing items, please see Mark Hurst’s book Bit Literacy.

Thanks to user T.S. for pointing out this usage of Good Todo!