A new Help screen for the Good Todo iOS app

We’re just about to launch a new version of the Good Todo iOS app with a much improved Help screen. Here’s a sneak peek:

Good Todo Help

Quick tips for using Good Todo:

To sync your todo list, drag down on the screen (similar to the syncing action in many other apps).

To re-order todos, tap and hold on any todo, then drag todos up or down the list.

To see tomorrow’s list, tap the right-arrow button on today’s list, or swipe right on the screen.

To see the calendar and navigate to any date, tap the orange Good Todo logo in the top-left.

If the todo list in the app doesn’t match the website, try the “Full sync” feature on the Settings screen (tap the wrench icon on the bottom of the screen). Full sync gets a complete download of your todo list, instead of the quicker incremental sync that usually occurs.

Every night around midnight, undone todos roll over to the next day. You never have to worry about undone todos on past days. If you want to send a todo to a future day, just tap the todo to open it, then tap the Redate button.

To make links clickable, tap to open a todo, then tap “View links” on the bottom of the screen. This is helpful if a todo’s title or detail text contains Web addresses or email addresses.

Email a todo to your list: In any email app, forward an email from your login address to today@goodtodo.com and it will show up on today’s list. Then archive or delete the email, and you’re one step closer to an empty inbox! (Also try these: days like friday@goodtodo.com, dates like 15oct@goodtodo.com, and numbers of days/weeks/months in the future, like 3d@goodtodo.com or 4w@goodtodo.com or 6m@goodtodo.com.)

To approve other email addresses to mail into your account, log into the goodtodo.com website (on a computer is best) and then click into Preferences -> Approved Addresses. You can also set your time zone there, and you can sign up to get a daily email from Good Todo containing your todos.

For more tips, see the Good Todo blog.

Thanks for using Good Todo!