Techie Todo Lists vs. Good Todo

A recent Hacker News thread discussed organizing all the information in your life, asking for good todo list recommendations, among tools.

Recommendations included what I’d call “techie todo lists”:

Org-mode, a productivity suite based on Emacs, the longtime Unix-based text editor

Taskwarrior, explicitly described as a command-line todo list

Todo.html, an extension of an earlier system called Todo.txt

Some people are going to find these to be excellent tools: each is a good todo list for users who are comfortable with command lines (as opposed to a standard browser interface with links, buttons, and icons).

However, even for users with exceptional tech skills, there’s an advantage to Good Todo in the todo list: Good Todo can accept emails. As described in the previous post, you can forward an email - with all of its details, attachments, and timestamp data - to the todo list, where it gets stored.

Many todos arrive via email, full of details. Who wants to copy and paste all of those details into a techie todo list, let alone retype it all? For techies and for the rest of us, use Good Todo.

How to Forward an Email to Today's To-Do List

Forward emails from your inbox to Good Todo. Then you can manage your tasks there.

For example:

• find an email in your inbox that contains a to-do or action item

• forward that email to

• log in to (or log in to the iOS or Android Good Todo mobile app)

There: you should see the action item sitting on today’s to-do list! (To send an action item to tomorrow, forward the email to

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